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KickassTuber is the first and only YouTube-Specific graphics and video branding platform software that can be bought for a one-time price.

We know we will have tons of people joining, and It’s going to help us make a lot of profits, not just now but even after the buzz around it settles.

So we decided to come up with a business opportunity for you!

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What if you could have a product that you can sell and profit from without investing any time, effort, sweat and tears?

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Use Our Sales Page

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Who Needs This?

Everybody can see great benefits by making it big on YouTube. And everybody who wants to make it big on YouTube DESPERATELY needs YouTube specific graphics and branding elements...

Digital Businesses

YouTube branding can help digital marketers and business owners to build their tribes and drive more traffic and sales to any of their offers.

Vloggers & Influencers

Merchandise, sponsorships, fan funding, Adsense... YouTube influencers monetisation opportunities are endless! And everything starts with a BRAND.

Affiliate Marketers

Launch-jacking or evergreen offers, it doesn't matter. YouTube branding helps affiliates not only to get more clicks but to build trust and respect.

Local Marketers

YouTube is great for local businesses to get discovered. Professionally branded channels and videos will help them to build trust and get more clients.

Freelancers & Consultants

Creative freelancers and consultants have the opportunity to easily tap into this huge market by offering a very needed and highly in-demand service.

Video Creators

No need to be on camera! Anybody who can create videos with any software can build their brand on Youtube and monetise in many ways...


You won’t be able to buy Reseller rights to KickassTuber again

We are not going to bundle this with other offers, give it away as a bonus or nothing like that.

To be crystal clear, we're not even sure that making this offer available is profitable for us in the long run with the recurring server costs and free platform upgrades we're planning on.

As you’ve already invested in KickassTuber, we want to give you the chance of making extra money with our product, but this may be your only chance to buy it, because we will not make it available forever.

I'm being dead serious, when you come around next time, it might not be here at all.

Grab Reselling Rights For 100% Profits Before They Go Away!

20 Licenses

Using Our Funnel

Resell up to 20 KickassTuber licenses as your own product and...

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50 Licenses

Using Our Funnel

Resell up to 50 KickassTuber licenses as your own product and...

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100 Licenses

Using Our Funnel

Resell up to 100 KickassTuber licenses as your own product and...

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KickassTuber - Resellers 100


How much money can I make reselling kickasstuber?

You get to keep 100% of the main offer reselling KickassTuber. On the other products in the funnel you get 50%

Can I rebrand KickassTuber and price it however I want?

No, you cannot rebrand KickassTuber. You will be able to sell it at the price we optimize for post-launch

Do I get access to sales video?

Yes! you can download the teaser video, demos and sales video to use it for your promos 

Do I get access to salespage?

No, we host the sales page. You can drive traffic to these pages and generate 100% commissions for the main offer, 50% for the upgrades!