Kickasstuber – Updates and Plans for the Near Future

Let’s talk about what’s been going on, what’s new in the platform, and what’s coming next!

Alright guys, in this first ever blog post, the first thing I want to do is thank you all of our members and friends for your support since we launched back in August.

There have been some interesting things going on, and there are many more coming during the next months.

So let’s jump into it!

Where Are We Right now

As for now, 100% of the income from new sales and subscriptions goes back into the platform, more specifically into maintenance and small upgrades. So, Kickasstuber is almost self-sustainable, which are great news.

Also, we’ve managed to get some funds as we plan to invest in paid ads during this year. We expect to grow to the point where we can reinvest heavily into the development of a much more powerful technology and even more and better quality designs and animations.

But more into that later! Now I want to tell you about what’s new today.

The First Major Update Is Here

PLEASE NOTICE: We are in the process of populating all of the templates and assets with keywords and color names. Some new features will not work as expected yet.

Thought that this was another piece of “abandonware”? Well, it is not!

You may have seen that we got a brand new library interface. It is now available to everyone in the platform, as current members at any level enjoy free platform updates forever.

This is what you will see when you log-in again:

Search bar and filters

Search and filter features were very much needed, as the number of templates and assets keeps growing month after month, and it was kind of frustrating to go and look out for something.

Now you can finally search, for example, all the assets for a specific channel theme.

Let’s say you like the “Adventure” channel art, and you want the rest of your channel and video graphics to match that design.

All you have to do is enter the name of the theme, press “Return” (⏎) on your keyboard, and voilà!

You can then open any template, download video assets, or add anything to your favorites just like before.

You can also search by any keyword too, such as specifics styles or niches. And from within the results, yo can filter by category, tags and even by color.

PLEASE NOTICE: We are in the process of populating all of the templates and assets with keywords and color names. Some new features will not work as expected yet.

Not happy with the search results?

You can just remove tags from the left sidebar by clicking on the “X” icon, or go back to the home by deleting the main search (see image below).

Additionally, you can filter by your subscription level too. If you are not a “Club” member so you can’t use the templates marked as such, you can choose to hide the “Only Club” stuff.

If you are not a member of the Club and want brand new exclusive templates kits and assets every month, you can try it for 14 days for just $1!

In the editor, now you can easily download one or more layers as a PNG. That is especially useful for video graphics templates such as lower thirds, side bars and info bars.

All you have to do is select the items in the layers panel (you can select more than one by keeping pressed the “caps” key of your keyboard) and hit the download PNG button as shown below.

By doing that, you get a PNG image with alpha channel, ready to use in your favorite video software, or even on your website or any other graphics app.

What’s Coming Next?

Finally, I want to give you a small hint of a couple of things that are coming. One in the short term and the other may take a while yet (but it’s gonna be huge).

Video Branding Kits for Easy Video Lab

Some of you may know about the Social Video Kits which I have developed in the past, that are basically sets of video graphics assets and templates for Easy Video Lab.

Well, I’m merging both projects so, Kickasstuber templates for Easy Video Lab will be something soon 🙂

In case you don’t know it, Easy Video Lab is a video creation software developed by Scott Hamlin and Carvel Avis, which as its name suggests, allows anyone to create video quickly and easily.

At the day of me writing this post, they are about to release a HUGELY improved version of the app, and the following examples are a couple of tests of what will be our Kickasstuber Video Branding Kits.

These have been created using the “beta” of what will be Easy Video Lab V2. There are still some bugs to be fixed with the app, but as soon as there is a stable version, we will start releasing these new kits!

New CTO? An All-New Graphics Editor?

Another great news is that we’re really close a partnership with a new CTO (Chief Technological Officer) who will probably join us to develop a new technology.

Today, we depend on a third-party API for the graphics editor that doesn’t allow us to offer a better, simpler user experience.

So, the only move was to start developing our own from scratch. That will not be something easy or cheap at all, so it was about time for asking for some help.

We want for you the best SAAS Youtube and Video Branding Experience ever, PERIOD.

So, again, thanks again all of our members because without your support nothing of this wouldn’t be possible

If you want to support us while you enjoy new exclusive Youtube branding templates kits and assets every month, you can try Kickasstuber for 14 days for just $1!

Leave Your Feedback

That’s about all for now. We will be in touch much more often now with useful content on how to grow and monetize Youtube, new tutorials, and other interesting stuff.

If you have any feedback, please leave your comment!